Did you know when it's humid out (like Phoenix during monsoon season), your bead release may release moisture into your glass, creating bubbles while you're working?
~To solve the problem, heat your bead release extra carefully before starting to wind your glass on the mandrel.
                               ~Submitted by Cynthia Shelton

Did you know if you have less than 3 pounds of glass or materials to weigh, you can head to the post office?
~If you're selling glass to someone, and need to weigh an amount less than 3 lbs, most of the post offices in our area have a scale that's available 24/7, free of charge.
                               ~Submitted by Marty Beck

Did you know when using lentil mashers, it helps to make your bead more round, rather than donut in shape, so it's almost a cylindrical bead.
~This helps the glass be distributed as far vertically as horizontally, for a nice round lentil.
                              ~Submitted by Judi Binderman

Did you know cleaning your glass with 1/3 strength hot pickle (same as used for silver-smithing) will remove much of the metals and dirt left on the glass rod surface by the manufacturing process.  Later, after storing your glass, just wipe prior to use with rubbing alcohol to remove surface dust and oils.
                               ~Attributed to Larry Scott, Beadmaker Extraordinaire

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