ASGB has been involved with the Beads of Courage program, initially underway in Tucson.


Act of Courage Beads are the artist-made glass beads that are given to acknowledge the milestones in a child's treatment journey. This year, we expect to need approximately 100,000 of these handmade beads donated so children can continue to receive one-of-a-kind beads for significant treatment milestones. These beads truly bring the arts to our Arts-in-Medicine mission.


What is an Act of Courage Bead? Act of Courage Beads can take almost any form that you would like to make-it's an opportunity for you to let your imagination go! The 3/32" mandrel is preferred but other sizes are also usable.


Special Requirements for Act of Courage Beads: Please have nice 'puckers' on the ends of the beads, sharp edges on the bead holes cut fingers and can not be sent out. Overly frilly bits sticking out may break off and leave sharp edges on the surface, be sure that raised dots have solid connections (no undercuts) and that surface decorations are robust enough to take some knocking about.


We ask that you refrain from using reduction frit or glasses that give a metallic sheen on the surface due to heavy metal issues with these materials. We can't send metallic reduction surface beads to the kids.


Anneal your beads properly in a kiln to ensure they don't crack. Cracked beads have to go in the waste basket.


Please make sure that the bead release is cleaned out. Beads with the release still inside take more time for our volunteer staff to clean and this tremendously slows down turnaround time to the hospitals.


When you send your beads please fill out the Bead Donation Form, it helps us to expedite sending you a receipt and certificate for your donation.


Link to the form :


Beth 1810

Mary 1450

Diane Sepanski 598

Liz (Elizabeth) 523

Lisa 299

Lynn 155

Nancy E. 108

Kristine 104

Ivy 100

Member Bead Donation Totals

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